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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Capital Pellet Spain project, 130.000 tonnes of pellet from energy crop

627 233 Miguel Ángel Martínez

Capital Pellet Spain project, 130.000 tonnes of pellet from energy crop

The project’s main objective is to perform a self-sufficient production model based on the energy crop Arundo-K12 and in the conversion of this into pellet. The pelletising installations shall have the capacity to produce around 130,000 tons per year of pellet in 7,500 hours of operation. The agricultural part shall require an area of 2,500 hectares of farm land currently classed as irrigation land and preferably located in Aragon, all of which shall be necessary to supply the production model described. The 2,500 hectares must cover the requirements in the form of biomass to supply both the pelleting and burning systems. Therefore it is estimated that the total production of the agricultural land shall be 151,150 tons of A-K12 with an average 20% humidity of which 145,200 shall be converted to pellet (aprox 130,000 at 10%) and the remaining 6,050 tons shall be burnt to produce thermal energy and the vapour required.

This installation will produce, from the species Arundo Donax (Arundo-K12) as raw material ( 6,050  tons/year) thermal energy that will be used in the drying phase and the pelleting process, thereby allowing to increase the overall performance of the installation and structure a comprehensive and innovative project, respectful with the environment and compliant with all the current regulations.

This project aims to perform a responsible and sustainable management of the agricultural resources, as its use for the cultivation of Arundo-K12 allows creating an innovative business line. Furthermore, it presents numerous environmental advantages as it does not contribute to increase polluting or greenhouse gases with regard to fossil fuels and social advantages as it will create jobs in rural areas.

The development of the project will allow promoting similar actions aimed at streamlining this line of research, as it can serve as reference to promote other global initiatives.

The growing development of the biomass market in Spain and in Europe, motivated by the commitments acquired on the use of renewable energies, as well as the limitations established concerning emission of CO2, makes entering this sector interesting from the business, environmental and social points of view.

The large amount of agricultural land available in Aragon (especially with the conditions required by Arundo-K12) justifies fulfilling this project. This type of models (pellet production from energy crops) have not been used with these energy purposes, given that the market was not developed and due to the lack of information regarding energy crops, so from the works performed and the results obtained in the past years, a new business line is intended to be opened in the agricultural sector within the emerging Biomass market in Spain and Europe.

The pellets production line shall be integrated in the biomass burner system which will produce the thermal energy and vapour that will be used in the biomass drying and pelleting process, thereby achieving to improve the overall performance of the installation, and thus creating a global model to follow.

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