About Us

Biothek Ecologic Fuel is a Spanish company founded in 2007 with the purpose of promoting the use of energy crops and other waste biomasses within the energy industry and stimulating the concept of sustainable self-sufficiency. We are a multidisciplinary team composed by specialized professionals in different areas such as biotechnology, agro-industry and industrial processes linked to the bioenergy sector.

General vision of the company

From Biothek Ecologic Fuel we think that the world bioenergy sector needs strategies that contemplate sustainable models of agricultural and forestry production that guarantee future supplies of biomass.

Where and how do we work:

  • In national and international projects where a guaranteed supply of biomass is required under certain conditions
  • In specialized consulting services of energy crops and agricultural biomasses, harvesting & logistic protocols and primary process
  • Developing and promoting projects focused on the production of traditional pellets
  • As partners in bioenergy projects

Biothek Ecologic Fuel provides all kinds of business knowledge to manage the activity in an efficient, safe and profitable manner

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